Worlds Fattest Cat Pictures?

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"Standing tall" - Not quite the World's Fattest cat [fattest dog in the World] but this "meat only" eating fat cat has gotten a lot of media attention in regards to being one of the fattest cats ever. It's favourite food is chicken hearts.

fattest cat ever

One very fat cat indeed! Worlds Fattest Cat Pictures? Or not fat enough?
The belly mesurement is around 86.7 centimeters!

fattest cat in the world 02

This fat cat weighs 17 kilograms [over 34 pounds] has been raised by Xu
Jirong, a citizen of Qingdao, a coastal city in east China's Shandong Province.
fattest in the world 01

The title of the fattest cat in the world is said to under jeopardy.  
Could there really be another cat fatter than this?

Fattest Cat in the World - The Real Deal!

katy-fattest-cat-in-the-worldNow this cat with a big belly is said to be the real fattest cat in the world.

Unfortunately for her, Guiness World Records have refused to accept any more contestants for the Worlds Fattest Cat [I must agree with them].

"Katy" weighs nearly 50 pounds! [23kg]

This is 6 kg heavier than her Chinese rival! It is said that this is heavier than the average 6 year old human boy. Now that is just plain cruel! Doctors have advised Katy's owner to place her on a strict diet.
Katy is 5 years old and her breed is Siamese. She lives with her owner in Asbest, Russia.
Belly size - 70cm!!
This is truely the Fattest Cat in the World!

...a fat cat with a story

not quite the fattest cat in the world
Here is a fat cat with a story... it is no way the fattest cat in the world but it certainly is a large lard-ass cat! 

It's name is "Spice" and you can read more about the fat cat lovers story here

note: If you think your own cat is overweight, please consult a vet immediately and stop feeding it whole cows and sausages!

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